C1 LightHack

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(Shipping to Europe U.S.A & Canada )
Cue One's version of the #LightHack by ETC labs.
Made in Ireland by Cue Onehttps://cueone.ie/lighthack )
16X2 Blue Backlit LCD Screen
Two Encoders for parameter control
Three Buttons i.e. Last parameter/ Shift /Next parameter
Arduino Uno Rev3 Microprocessor 
Strong 3D Printed Case made from PLA renewable source plastic.

Compatible with Eos Nomad Software on PC and Mac.
Compatible with ETC Eos Consoles running Windows 7.

Comes pre-loaded with code for control of:

The Arduino board is open source meaning the C1 LightHack's
code can be customised and reprogrammed to provided different
control applications of Eos. (Requires basic Arduino programming skills
similar to that required for #LightHack by ETC labs https://community.etcconnect.com/etclabs/f/lighthack/23742/what-is-lighthack)

Arduino Pin Layout for the C1 LightHack:
Left Button: D6
Middle Button: D7
Right Button: D8

Encoder 1: A3&A4
Encoder 2: A0&A1

Arduino Uno Programming Software & Drivers:

0.5m USB cable included

Category Lighting Control

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