The C1 LightHack

Here at Cue One we like to be creative and we love all
things ETC. Dan our Technical Sales Manager enjoys programming Arduino microprocessors, so we got him an
ETC #LightHack Box  1 Kit. He liked the concept so much, 
he decide to put a Cue One twist on the design.
He came up with the C1 LightHack, a slim and versatile, customisable encoder control box for ETC Eos software.

"The C1 LightHack project is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the needs our customers." 

Dan Egan - Cue One Technical Sales Manager

Stick it on a board

We designed our own circuit board so all the component could be attached wire free. 

Solder it on...

We then solder on the screen, encoders, buttons and connections on our board.

3D Print our case...

We put our case design into the Cue One 3D printer and wait...

Put the case together

We then check our 3D printed case parts all fit together nicely.

Install the hardware

Install the hardware into the case and secure it.

Add the buttons

Attach buttons and encoder wheels.

Available to Order Now

Order your very own fully assembled C1 LightHack from our Online Store  
Shipping to U.S.A now available