Cue One Ireland provide high end equipment to suit all types of scenarios. Our equipment is designed and manufactured by the top brands including ETC, Strand, Varilite, Selecon, Martin Audio, Pioneer, Nexo, Litestructures, Panasonic, and Avolites.

All equipment is maintained and tested to our high standards and comply with european safety standards. We also operate a “Try before you hire” option, where we can arrange a demo of equipment (subject to availability).



ETC Source 4 Profile 10, 19, 26, 36,50 Degree
ETC Source 4 Zoom Profile 15/30 Degree
ETC Source 4 Zoom Profile 25/50 Degree
Others available on request


CCT Fresnel 650W/1200W
Strand Cantata F 1200W
Selecon 650w Fresnel
Strand 2k Fresnel
CCT 2K Fresnel
Others available on request


Strand Cantata PC 1200W
Strand PC 2000W
Others available on request


James Thomas Par 64 (CP60, CP61, CP62 CP95 bulb)
James Thomas 4 Way Bar PAR 64
James Thomas 6 Way Bar PAR 64
4 Way ACL 110V
James Thomas Exterior Par 64 (CP60, CP61, CP62 CP95 bulb)
2 Cell Molefay (DWE650 by 2)
James Thomas 8 Cell Molefay (DWE650 by 8)
Showtec Active Sun-strip MK2
Others available on request

Moving Luminaries,

Varilite VL2500 Spot
Varilite VL1100TS
SGM Giotto Spot 400
High End Pc Beam
Martin Mac 250+
Others available on request

LED Luminaries,

IPIX Sattelite
Others available on request

Lighting Control,

ETC ION & 2 by 10 Wing
ETC Express 24/48
Avolites Pearl Expert
Zero 88 Jester 12/24
Zero 88 Jester 24/48
Others available on request.

Power Distribution & Dimming

ETC Smartrack 36 dim/ 24 hot
GSL Power 24 hot/24 dim
Zero 88 6ch Betapack
Zero 88 3ch Alphapack

Decor Lighting,

Festoon lighting
Airstar Crystal
2k Skytracker

Crowd Control

Mojo Barrier,
Cow Gate Barrier,
Heras Fencing,
Cable Track.


Prolyte S36
Prolyte H40
Prolyte H52
Prolyte Ground support system
Sick Minibeam
Slick Litebeam
Motors & Control
1T Prolyft
Prolyft 4ch Controller
500kg CM Lodestar
500kg CM Lodestar 4ch controller
454kg CM Prostar
454kg CM Prostar 4ch controller

Rigging Accessories

Stack Chain
Steel Rope
Scaff Clamp Fixed
Scaff Clamp Swivel


Black Molten,
Grey Molten,
Black Wool Serge,
Silver Velure,
White Cyclorama Pipe & Drape System


Sound Desk,
Speaker systems,
Pioneer DJ Systems,
Power & Signal Cabling,
Audio Accessories.


HD Plasma TV,
HD DLP Beamer,
HD LCD Beamer,
Fast-fold Screen,
HD Switching & Scaling,
Signal Distribution,
Catalyst Media Server,
HD Camera.


Litedeck Staging Panels,
Step Units,
Marley Dance Floor.

Signal Distribution,

Proplex dmx isolator/buffer